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Storybuilding System

The Collaborative Worldbuilding Deck is the first of three decks designed to teach storytelling fundamentals. The Character Building Deck and Storybuilding Deck are both in advanced prototype stages and both have been well-received by playtesters. There will be a Kickstarter campaign in early 2019 to generate funds to complete the decks with professional quality design […]

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Other Resources

Below are a number of resources I’ve used for worldbuilding projects in the past. These are personal recommendations; I’ve received no free copies or payment for these resources, tools, books, and games listed here. This list will continue to grow and change over time. -T Hergenrader Online Resources World Anvil Worldbuilding Tool Google Docs Online […]

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For Educators

Collaborative worldbuilding projects are excellent for classroom use and can be used in many different ways. University instructors and high school have used the worldbuilding deck to teach fiction writing, literature, history, public policy, and more. Collaborative worldbuilding can be done in a single session, in multi-week units, or a semester-long class project and also […]

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Worldbuilding Deck Basics: Building Your¬†First World           Worldbuilding Basics: “Fixing” Categories           Worldbuilding: Using the Extra Cards             Worldbuilding: Quick Builds for RPG Campaigns            

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